Monday, December 31, 2012

Check out my scribble drawings

So I’ve noticed a lot of people doing this thing where they post a new drawing every day. Seems like a pretty good idea, so I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon. Only I’m gonna do it this way: every day I will draw a random scribble with my eyes closed, and then turn it into a drawing. It’s a thing I like to do sometimes for inspiration. Check it out on my Wordpress blog:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

TV Rots Your Brain, Part 2

That commercial for Bosley (I think it's Bosley, or is that some fitness chain?). Anyway, the hair transplant one. I don't like it. It bugs me.

What the guy actually says is, " I have to start carrying a picture around or something, because people almost don't believe how unbelievable the quality of the work is."
Okay, I don't need to point out the redundancy here. But, a PICTURE? Really? It's not big foot, dude. That chick in line in front of you at the gas station isn't going to be fascinated by evidence of your scalp transformation. I can just picture this guy busting out his wallet--"here's my granddaughter visiting with's my sons graduation picture...oh, & here's what my head used to look like." Besides, isn't the whole point of getting hair transplants to hide the fact that you're bald?

Then we have this doofus:

This is the guy I really want to punch. He sounds like he shot up before the set.
Picture this dork hosting weird hair parties where women stand in line (like in that viagra commercial) waiting to touch his hair. That should be in their next bad "where are they now" commercial.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

TV Rots Your Brain

The more I watch the idiot box, the further I am driven in to madness by the constant barrage of excruciatingly STUPID advertisements for STUPID things.
Like that Sears commercial with the creepy little elf demon womanchild.

What the hell is a "Power Santa"??? Someone who plows through the mall with their hummer at 6 am and stomps over the mutilated corpses of shoppers to buy their bratty kid another HD TV?
No, I'm guessing they're after this type of irritating person:

Also, I hate the music in that commercial. That "BWUUH!" part is like the sound you'd hear in your brain while being smacked in the teeth with a steel beam.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I want your skulls...

I got a cool book at the library of vintage halloween graphics. Some of them are really weird. There's a greeting card in there with an illustration of a bunch of cabbage monsters with bow ties floating in space, & it says, "O, is my true love tall and grand? O, is my sweetheart bonny?.....HALLOWE'EN."
So awesome.
Anyway, it made me want to draw some skulls and witches & monsters.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here's another thing I drew. Look at it.

I just showed this drawing to one of my neighbors and he asked me what it was for. I said it was just for S's & G's, and he goes, "yeah, that's one of those things that you make and then you're like 'what do I do with it?' It'd make a good facebook profile picture, or I guess you could put it in your portfolio. It's cool though." Ha ha....(frown).
So what am I gonna do with it? I'm gonna post it on this here blog.
I know exactly what he means, but I don't want to be in the mindset that every thing I make SHOULD be calculated, profitable or some groundbreaking piece of artistic genius that others will gush over in order for it to be worth anything.
One of the most enjoyable paintings I've ever seen was this thing my friend Brad & I saw at the Heartside Gallery last year. It was called "Graboid 3" and it was of a giant worm monster coming out of the ground attacking people. It was crudely painted on cardboard with what looked like elementary school tempura craft paint. And it was Sweet.
My point is that it's okay to make goofy (perhaps unrefined) stuff for your own satisfaction that other people don't necessarily get or like or want to see ever again.
And in any case, I for one would not be able to stop drawing weird, juvenile things if I tried. It's just what I do.
So, yeah. That's the end of my tangent.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I made a Burd.

There's a bird nest above the porch where I live, and every morning these fat little round birds come down & hop around on the sidewalk looking for stuff. I like 'em. They make me chuckle. So I animated one.
This video's not funny, really. But it's short, so watch it.

P.S. Did I get carried away with the hatching on the mask around the edges? Probably. I was experimenting. Thoughts?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Morphing DNA and Babies n' Stuff Animation

This is a short animation I made a couple weeks ago. It was part of a video projected on the wall at an event at the museum. There was a video and a soundscape that went with each one of the exhibits there. This one was for "the wonder of life" (or something like that).
Now this lil' diddy may not seem terribly impressive to some, but I'll have you know that I made the entire thing in like 15 hours (concept to finished animation). So, y'know....I'm okay with how it turned out. And most importantly, I enjoyed doing it, even though I was totally sleep deprived and my vertebrae suffered dearly from computer hunchback.
P.S. -Again, I advise you to watch this on YouTube. I'm just gonna pop out back and have a blood-curdling scream now, 'scuse me.